Control booths

Build-to-order control booths to meet your needs

We set the standard for prefabricated booth solutions by using the best materials, offering advanced features, and employing the latest construction techniques. You can count on our commitment to craftsmanship for durable, sturdy units that stand the test of time. Our team has extensive experience constructing control booths with the highest level of security, incorporating bullet-resistant features and high-visibility design elements. Our control stations help keep employees safe and comfortable, protect them from the elements, and ensure they’re able to do their jobs effectively. All of our units are also designed to meet every code requirement for every city in the U.S.

Features and options

Control booths features and options

Bullet resistant security features

Restroom facilities

Cabinets and drawers

Various flooring options, including steel plate tile and anti-fatigue mats

Completely custom architecture and exterior finishes

HVAC systems

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