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Box Office Success: B.I.G. unveils the “Classic Sony” guard booth model for Sony Pictures

This Month’s Video:

  • Bullet & Blast Resistant Guard Booths

Product Spotlight:

  • B.I.G.’s Bi-Level Border Inspection Booth is Judged Winner at Government Security Awards

Customer Talk:

  • U.S. Navy Pier Protected by B.I.G. Booth

Bullet and Blast Resistant Guard Booths

B.I.G. incorporates the most advanced bullet resistant and blast mitigation technologies
WATCH OUR VIDEO to learn more about how our shelters are built to sustain life, minimize casualties, and are desiged for maximum defense; how they are intended to provide maximum visibility from the inside, and preserve communication when under attack.

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Bundled Freight Saves Shipping Costs

What many of our customers don’t know, and are pleasantly surprised to see when we provide them with a “firm” freight cost, is that we bundle our shipments to keep freight costs down.