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New K-9 Komplex protects both two and four-legged guards 

Product Spotlight: 
The new Park Controller brings high-security to theme parks

Customer Talk: 
State of Nuclear power plant seeks booth builder with well-run operations

Window installation Tired of your poor-sliding guard shelter window?

B.I.G. innovative steel trak yields window longevity for guard security

to learn more about how our shelter windows are built to last years, provide optimal security for your guards and are designed for maximum defense; how they open and close over 400,000 times showing not one sign of wear and tear so B.I.G. windows come with a lifetime guarantee!

Round, white guard booth encircled by a circular pergola


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Bundled Freight Saves Shipping Costs

What many of our customers don’t know, and are pleasantly surprised to see when we provide them with a “firm” freight cost, is that we bundle our shipments to keep freight costs down. MORE