NASA Stennis Space Center Security Booth

This bullet resistant booth was built for NASA to meet very demanding high security requirements but with special modifications to allow for architectural aluminum composite panels to be installed on site by the customer..


Naval Base San Diego Security Booth

This guard booth was custom built for the main entrance to the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego, home of the Pacific Fleet, to meet the Navy’s stringent security requirements.

New Video: Security in Harmony With Architecture

After September 11, perimeter security was pushed to the forefront. Guard shelters have become a common architectural consideration but there is real need for all to blend in with the architecture of the facilities they protect.

Watch our video to learn more on how B.I.G. can customize every booth to meet esthetic needs as well as functional demands.

Bundled Freight

Saves Shipping Costs

What many of our customers don’t know and are pleasantly surprised to see when we them  provide them with a “firm” freight cost, is that we bundle our shipments to keep freight costs down.

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