Carbon Negative. Water Positive.

Avnos is commercializing the most advanced technology in the Direct Air Capture of CO2.

Our proprietary Hybrid Direct Air Capture (HDAC) solution inverts the water paradigm in DAC, producing water, eliminating heat consumption and reducing costs compared to other forms of DAC.

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Our positive outcomes are clear

Other DAC technologies require water and heat to capture carbon. We use only air, electricity, and solid sorbents to capture both water and CO2 from the ambient air.

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We can go anywhere

Our HDAC solution offers the broadest geographic potential available, enabling our technology to operate in water-scarce environments.

No Water, No Heat

Our systems use air, electricity, and solid sorbents to capture CO2 and harvest water.


It is easy to scale our systems for greater capacity.

Low Cost

Our HDAC solution projects the lowest Levelized Cost of Capture in DAC.

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Solving an immediate climate challenge

Avnos is commercializing a value-added solution to the world’s urgent climate problem. HDAC lowers costs, uses less energy, and produces water, making it the most efficient Direct Air Capture technology in the market.

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