Hybrid DAC offers a transformational way to achieve Net Zero carbon

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How Avnos HDAC™ works

Capturing carbon and harvesting water anywhere there’s air

Our proprietary Hybrid DAC (HDAC) solution is a novel approach to capturing carbon dioxide. Existing DAC approaches consume massive quantities of water while HDAC produces water. This is what we mean by inverting the water paradigm.

Our fully electrified solution pulls legacy carbon emissions plus water directly out of the air anywhere on Earth.

This exclusive and pioneering technology eliminates the use of heat to capture carbon dioxide (CO2). We use a moisture swing adsorbent instead of a thermal adsorbent to extract CO2, significantly reducing energy consumption. The CO2 that is captured can either be stored or reused, and the water that is produced is used to drive the CO2 operation.

The bottom line? Our enhanced HDAC capture approach projects to be the most scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective DAC solution on the market.

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Avnos offers a sustainable advantage over other forms of DAC

No Water, No Heat

Our systems use air, electricity, and solid sorbents to capture carbon and harvest water.


It is easy to scale our systems for greater capacity.

Low Cost

Our HDAC solution projects the lowest Levelized Cost of Capture in DAC.

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DAC systems comparison

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