What You Need to Know About Distribution Center Security

Conducting a Physical Security Risk Assessment 
for a Distribution Center

Distribution center warehouse with forklift

Many distribution center owners are less than aware of all the security risks their organization faces and can be unfortunately surprised when a security breach happens. With planning, it’s easier to avoid this situation. Luckily, a physical security assessment is do-able and should be part of your distribution center security strategy.

There are two types of physical security assessments, individual and third-party. If you are a small operation, you can run a basic physical security assessment that can involve:

  • Checking security measures like CCTV and locks are working.
  • Ensuring system software is up to date.
  • Checking the security of the facility’s access points.
  • Assessing the need for additional measures, such as fencing or security guards.

The third-party physical security assessment involves a contractor sending a security expert to the distribution center to assess the security risks it faces. The assessor will look at several determining factors, such as geographical location, current security protocol, security infrastructure, and the crime levels in the local area.

Third-party contractors will often have resources at their disposal that your business does not. For example, physical security assessors will speak to smaller police departments to discuss response times when a crime occurs.

Penetration testing is a method that allows physical security assessment experts to see vulnerabilities in a company’s security net. These tests could involve running hacking tests on systems or actively looking for ways criminals could get access into your distribution center.

Reinforce Entry Points – Steel security doors are mandatory and can help make it significantly harder for would-be criminals to enter your site.

Secure Vehicle Access Points – Goods drop off locations and loading bays are easy targets for theft, especially opportunistic thieves. A strong security setup, including CCTV and limiting access can help better protect these vulnerable areas.

Physical security risk assessments are usually bespoke depending on your distribution center security requirements. However, there are some universal tasks that will always be a part of the assessment:

  • Review of on-site security
  • Risk identification
  • Threat probability assessment
  • Local crime analysis
  • Review of security compliance methods
  • Review of electronic security
  • Review of manned security
  • Review of architectural security
  • Weakness identification for current security program
  • Software and system reviews

Distribution Center Security is Important

If you develop a warehouse security checklist and know how to conduct a physical security assessment, your distribution center will be ready to prevent any crimes befalling it. Robust security is often ignored by warehouse operators, especially those of a small business. However, a strong distribution center security framework is a sound investment that will protect a warehouse over the long term. Get in touch with our team at B.I.G. Enterprises to learn how our prefabricated security booths can help safeguard entry to your business. Call today for a free quote.

What You Need to Know About Distribution Center Security

Distribution center warehouse with forklift

Distribution centers are often in the crosshairs of those who view them as a soft target for theft, burglary, and vandalization. For organizations that operate warehouses and distribution centers, this is a major problem. Important merchandise and stock are at risk, which makes distribution center security vital to your operations.

An unfortunate reality is your distribution center is often more at risk from internal theft than it is external burglary. Company employees, insiders, and contractors have access to your warehouse, and some may see an opportunity for crime. That does not mean you should be paranoid of every employee or guest, but it highlights how valuable an efficient distribution center security setup can help.

When developing a distribution center security strategy, creating a warehouse security checklist and knowing how to conduct a physical security risk assessment are both important.

Compiling a Warehouse Security Checklist

When working on a distribution center security plan, it’s impossible to cover every base. No single measure will ensure you’re safe from theft. However, by making some good decisions, you can cover as many holes in your security as possible and minimize the risk of loss.

Below is a warehouse security checklist that can provide a security safety net over your distribution center.

General Security Measures

CCTV – Should never be your only security measure but remains important.

Robust Locks – Needless to say, you need to ensure doors and other entry points can be securely locked.

Lighting – A well-illuminated building exterior can sometimes be enough to put off thieves.

Limit Access – It’s best to restrict access to your warehouse and separate visitors from staff, especially on the distribution side. Well-designed security booths help control access 24/7 while providing comfort for your security staff.

Physical Security Measures 

Stock and Inventory – While the overall security of your warehouse is important, the focus should be on protecting your stock and inventory. Security guards that patrol the distribution center and security cages are two ways to help protect your assets.



Why Businesses Need a Secure Guardhouse

Why Businesses Need a Secure Guardhouse

Protect and Guard Your Building, Employees, and Customers

Since we have been in the security business for over 60 years, we at B.I.G. are glad to offer our clients comprehensive information to find the perfect structure to meet their security needs. With that in mind, we would like to share the importance of the guardhouse in the modern-day business environment and the role security shelters have played in shaping employee and customer safety in the 21st century.

When it comes to offering protection, a security booth is more necessary now than at any other time in history. Also referred to as guard booths, security booths, watch house, guard shack, control booth, and prefabricated – or “prefab” – guard shelter, this type of building is used for various applications.

The Modern-Day Guard Building

Although a guardhouse serves much the same purpose today as it did centuries ago, design and functionality are dramatically different. Because of the type and degree of threats that businesses, housing complexes, correctional facilities, government buildings, airports, and other facilities must be prepared for, a modern-day security booth must not only be operated by highly trained and skilled security personnel but also outfitted with state-of-the-art security technology.

Typically, a security booth will be located at the facility entrance and exit. It serves as a checkpoint to monitor and maintain control of those entering and leaving the area. When a guard building is used in small to medium-sized facilities, it often can provide all the necessary security services and reduce the amount of office space needed for security personnel.

For military and law enforcement facilities, a guardhouse is also used as a central hub for communications for all incoming and exiting visitors and personnel. In these locations, the security booth is continuously staffed, ensuring the highest security level possible for people living or working at the facility.

Built for Todays Security Needs

A high-quality security booth should always be manufactured from heavy-duty welded and galvanized steel. It is also essential that the structure be well-insulated against both light and heat and provide clear 360-degree visibility. If required, the structure may also be manufactured using bullet-resistant materials.

In addition to the guardhouse being used as a security point, it is vital to offer comfortable amenities for the security guards working it. We encourage you to look through our design options and read the client case studies on our website to learn more.

Choose a Trusted Manufacturer

Because a security checkpoint is so essential, you want to choose a highly reputable manufacturing company. At B.I.G. Enterprises, we ship our prefabricated and custom-built guard shelters throughout North America. We have been manufacturing top-of-the-line guard houses for over 60 years for airports, colleges and universities, major toll roads, and corporate facilities. To learn about our customization options and receive a complimentary quote, call 1-800-669-1449, or complete our online form today.

Why Is a Prefabricated Guard House Crucial for a Manufacturing Unit?

Why Prefabricated Guard Houses Are Crucial for a Manufacturing Unit

Although some people automatically equate a prefabricated guard house to an inexpensive and cheaply made structure, this is not at all the case. In fact, prefab guard booths from a leading manufacturer are strong, durable, and long lasting. The only difference between a modular guard house and one built on-site is that the prefabricated structure is constructed in a factory and then delivered to the customer’s location. Thanks to top prefabricated guard house manufacturers, a host of industries have a reliable way to protect their business and employees.

For manufacturing companies, prefab guard booths offer an enhanced level of protection, plus more.

  • Better Monitoring and Control – By placing a modular guard house away from the business, your trained personnel can monitor and control the comings and goings of both foot and vehicle traffic. When properly staffed, various criminal activities are deterred, including theft and threat of physical harm or damage.
  • Less Waste – One reason why so many manufacturers are turning to modular guard shacks is that this solution is a quick and economical way to use otherwise wasted square footage.
  • Less Mess and Downtime – Because the guard house is built offsite in a factory and delivered ready for assembly, there is less mess and downtime on the company’s property compared to a more conventional construction method. Once the guard shack is in place, you have a working structure ready for use. As part of the design, you can choose from a host of add-on features that create an employee-friendly environment while bolstering security.
  • Versatility – Due to the construction of the best prefabricated guard houses, assembly and disassembly are quick and easy. Therefore, if your security needs change, the guard shack can easily be moved to a different location.
  • Customization – When choosing a prefabricated guard shack from a reputable manufacturer, you can choose from a host of customized features. As an example, the guard shack can include air conditioning and heating, a restroom, storage cabinets, tinted windows, secure locks on the door and windows, security lighting, an awning for improved visibility and comfort, high-tech communications, surveillance, and more.

For any manufacturing unit, there is no better way to enhance security and provide your trained personnel with an efficient work environment. B.I.G. Enterprise manufactures both standard and customized guard booths, as well as other prefabricated structures.

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we offer multiple prefabricated designs and features that enhance security at bigbooth.com. Please visit our website bigbooth.com or at big booth or bigbooth.com or b.i.g. booth.  Contact a company representative today.



Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Portable Guard House?

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Portable Guard House?

As the name implies, a portable guard house is a semi-permanent structure commonly used by people who guard the entrance of parking lots, closed-off areas, apartment buildings, businesses, military bases, government sites, and more.

If you are dealing with limited space but need a guard booth for your business, this is an excellent solution. Not only is this type of structure cost-efficient, it is well built, customizable, and portable. For most people, security is a top priority. Having a guard on duty provides greater peace of mind and helps deter crimes that can devastate a business physically and financially.

Reasons for Choosing Portable Guard Booths

  • Affordability – There is a huge difference in cost between prefabricated guard booths and those manufactured on-site. If you are a budget-conscious customer, portable guard booths are definitely the way to go. Not only do you spend less on the product itself, but also because the booth is portable, it can go wherever the business goes.
  • Customization – Instead of a cookie-cutter design, you have a wide range of choices. Included in this is the size of the guard house, interior and exterior color, types of windows and doors, locking mechanisms, flooring, gutters, roofs, and amenities, such as lighting, heating, and cooling. In fact, guard booths can be customized, making them bullet and explosion proof. The goal is to provide guards with a safe and comfortable place to work throughout the different seasons.
  • Prefabrication – When purchasing the best guard booths from a reputable source, you have nothing to worry about. After selecting the correct size, shape, color, amenities, and features, a prefabricated booth is delivered to your location, where it is bolted to a prepared concrete slab.
  • No Disruptions – If you have ever seen a permanent guard house being built, you know how loud and messy the construction process is. Although necessary, this easily disrupts the work environment. With prefabricated guard booths, you avoid this problem.
  • Sustainability – Today, many companies have adopted measures to be more sustainable. With a factory-built guard house, there is little impact on the environment. In fact, B.I.G. Enterprises, an industry leader, makes an effort to waste as little material as possible.

To learn more about the unique guard booths that we design and build, or to order a prefabricated structure, please contact us today. A company representative at B.I.G. Enterprises is standing by to assist you.